Question :It is commonly believed that in life, success is not the most important thing; it is more important to remain happy and optimistic when we fail. Do you agree with that idea?

In my opinion, it is more important to remain happy and optimistic when we fail. I feel this way for two main reasons which I will explore in what follows. To begin with, success usually is a result of a a series of failures. To state it more clearly, in order to be a successful person in your life, you have to try plenty of methods and ways. If you try the wrong way, you should be able to remain happy to continue. Otherwise, you will not continue, so you do not achieve your goals. My personal experience is a great example of this, when I was in elementary school, spelling correctly was very difficult for me and I got bad marks spelling. I did not disappoint because of my marks instead I remain optimistic and tried harder and practiced more until I could get good marks. This could not have happened without remaining happy after the bad marks that I got. Moreover, life is too short to become sad about failures in our lives and the definition of success is changing among different generations. In other words, we should enjoy our lives as much as possible and we should not limit our happiness to our success. We should try new things in our lives without being afraid of failing. Take my grandmother as an example, when she was young everybody blamed her because she had not married and she decided to leave her city and work in another city. At that time for women success meant,they marry someone and having kids. But the efinition of success now is changing and does not necessarily mean marriage to someone and having kids. To conclude, remaining optimistic when we fail is more essential than being a successful person. This is because for becoming a successful person you should try many ways and if you fail you should be able to continue your path. Also, life is too short to limit our happiness to success.
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