Apart from airplanes and mobile telephones, discuss another technology that has made life easier.

Transportation is the movement of goods and services from one place to another either by land,air,water or even electronically.Communication is the transfer of messages from one person to another.Sure advances in transport and communication like the airplanes and the telephine have provided,I want to bring to the table a new innovation called the titan water vehicles,also known as the ships. Firstly, ships can carry more load compared to other means of transport because of their immense size and space which allows them to carry the most load out of all other means of transport by a very big difference, like about more than 5 tonnes of load on one ship,If an airplane were to do that, it would plummet and crash on the ground due to excess weight or mass. Secondly, Water transportation has improved over the ages.Gone are the times when ships were made of wood,used by the great Christopher Columbus and the Viking clans,now ships are produced with metals inorder to improve its strength and durability. Lastly,Ships are sometimes used as trading platform,basically a "moving shop on the ocean" as they often have items that are brought from countries and other landmasses and are readily shipped to other regions for purchase,and this tends to connect two countries indirectly, as both parties learn new stuff from the one another and thereby brings unity between two or more nations.
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