Do you agree or disagree that competition improves the students' academic performance? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answers.

The passage and the lecturer both discuss about competition .The passage brings forth three claims about the benefits of competition in life.The lecturer challenges these facts made by the author of the passage, with three nominate claims. The passage states that competition triggers motivation which improves productivity amongst students.The lecturer,however,asserts that this can also make students more liable to have high anxiety,low self esteem,cheating tendencies and even promote violence. The passage also states that this competition pushes students to excel in classes and thereby,increase productivity in a class setting.The lecturer opposes to these facts,saying that may be true in the past but not in the present era.He goes on to say that cooperation brings out more productivity within students than competition, with evidence from a study that included 120 students. Lastly,the passage mentions that competition make work fun and enjoyable.In constrast, The lecturer says that the fun is ultimately lost especially when there is always a loser in any given competition.He also mentions a solution to this fact by showing admiration and equal attention to every individual, both winner and loser alike.
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