You have enough money to purchase either a house or a business. Which would you choose to buy? Give specific reasons to explain your choice.

Current era has the biggets issue in the world, the high-density population. It impply that not all people can get a piece of soil to build something. In fact, Cost of territory increse every year, it provoke that less people can buy a apartment. A hose is the most important stuff that character needs and I prefer a building or an apartment, because it is difficult to construct one, it provide security and stability and a business is easier to make due to money is minor. Getting a condo is the best opportunity to develop your growth. When someone build up a home: it is possible that somebody begins a new ethapa in their life, because they has a stable area tha can do all and can create a business. For example, I have a hose in the city and It permit me a development. Now I can study a master degree and I can make a toy stock. Creating business need less money than a apartment. Opening a new store in current time is easier than before, due to social network and Internet. Someone can start a shop without a fisical area, because the internet provide the tools to make a store. The social newtworks like facebook permit to make a shop page to promove a product. In my case, I created a facebook store with one hundred dollars and now I can increse the number of sellings per mounth. In another hand, a house get a security for the rest of a life. The concept of home create a necessity of a place to live. However, the building cost is higher and probability impossible to pay it. Although, if someone can pay it, the rest of their life will be good. For example, my dad have 3 houses and he is great. He does not need work for a place, he is happy and he will die with a hose. In conlusion, A place to live is the better option, becuase someone can live with a mental peace and can develop theirself.
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