In general, people are living longer now. Which of the following do you think accounts for this phenomenon? Technological improvements Changes to education systems Improvements to our diets Use specific details and examples in your answer. You than one cause.

In the contemporary world, People are steadily experiencing a more convenient life, which is undeniably caused by rapid changes after the industrial revolution. Of course, there are wide ranges of reasons why people are livi ng longer nowadays, but I strongly believe that all of them are subsequent to the tremendous changes in education systems. I feel this way, because of two conspicuous reasons, which I will discuss in the following essay. To begin with, society has undergon e an immense revolution in literacy in the past few decades. Undoubtedly, such a dramatic change will enhance an individual's quality of life and the way they react on daily bases. Moreover, literacy combined with widespread access to updated data about he alth has brought about more knowledge about diseases. My family's experience is a compelling illustration of what I mentioned. Back then, when my father was an adolescent, he lived in a village that had no school. Consequently, his family could barely find an educated person to read prescriptions for drugs, which my grandfather used to consume. As a result, this problem gave rise to early death among the people in the village. But thank's to today’s widespread basic knowledge of diverse sciences, people are handle their own problems, b y capable to simply following the basic rules written on the internet or drug packages. Another remarkable point to be mentioned is that the growing rate of literacy in conjunction with flourishing different sciences has decre ased the biased contemplations about traditional remedies among people. To put it differently, people can easily read a scientific article written about a certain diet, disease, or body's mechanism and compare it with their primary notion about it. Hence, Biased thinking will eventually disappear in a short period. For instance, In my father's childhood, he had chronic headaches for a long period. Due to the lack of knowledge about his illness his mother gave him an old remedy made from a couple of indigeno us vegetables. As he mentions, this remedy worsened his situation and he was about to pass away. But today it's very common to search about our diseases and find their basic characteristics and leave away our biased contemplations. If my father lived in su ch an era, he would easily passed his illness. In conclusion, it is my firm conviction that changes to education systems have the most prominent causes to increase our life expectancy. Firstly because it assists us to properly searching different attribute s of health issues, and secondly it helps us to put away our old biased notions about remedie
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