ِDo you agree or disagree with the following statement? all university students should be required to attend classes or just take final exams and final report.

Nowadays, most people are educated and have university degrees. Whether students should be required to attend classes or just take final exams is a controversial subject.In my opinion,college and university students should be required to attend classes.I feel this way for two main reasons which I will explore more in what follows. To begin with, by attending classes, students will be able to improve their social skills. To state it more clearly, universities should prepare students for their future life in different aspects of their lives, and by attending classes students can improve their skills in finding and making new friends. Also, they can learn many things about team working.My personal experience is a great example of this, when I was studying at university, I have some projects with my classmates and in first year, I was very shy and I usually did not comment or tell my ideas. But after a few months, I was able to talk and share my ideas with my group members.This had not have happened without attending in different classes . Moreover, attending classes makes learning easier. In other words, when you are in class with your friends, you have fun with them and studying is more interesting. While, when you study alone only for a final exam or paper is hard and boring. Also, in classes, if you do not understand something, you can easily ask questions about it from your teacher or friends and they will answer them quickly. For instance, several years ago, my mother and her friend started to learn English. My mother did not go to the class whereas her friend went. After a few months, my mother got tired and did not continue learning but her friend continued learning English because she made new friends in her class and she enjoyed her classes because of them. To conclude, it is nesecarry for students to attend their classes. This is because they can improve their social skills and learning and studying become easier and more interesting.
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