Educating children is a more difficult task today than it was in the past because they spend so much time on cell phones, online games, and social networking Web sites. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays education is more important than anything else in life because almost everyone knows the future will be made with kids and juveniles. Protecting children from all bad ways, misplacing purposes, and living derivatives is a big responsibility of parents and after that teachers. We want to firstly dive into parents' and children's relationships and then we will discuss technologies and effects that can be controlled by parents in their original approach. Parents all over the world try to be the best for children, but it’s different for children in this sense they just try to live in a approach whatever they want to be. So the two ways away from each other in families are flowing that we just know sometimes changing or merging these two different purposes in families life seems absolutely hard but not inaccessible. Schools are somehow responsible for providing a proper underline for students to be aware of how students interact with parents. And vice versa, parents need to have some advice for interacting with their children which can lead to big accomplishments for making a better family. Technology can play an important role here by creating situations for each side of this discussion that will make relationships easier. Many years ago, children were able to use technology for hobbies ,however, now everything has changed. Students can use online classes as well as use online games, even now we have creative and fascinating platforms for education that make learning easier. So if a kid has some problems with one of its classes he can just try to learn it in the sea of information on the internet. And this is much simpler than before in history. In the end children, parents, and teachers need to think in the same style to make a useful atmosphere for learning, interacting, and teaching which can happen with technology and use in a beneficial idea .
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