Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television advertising directed toward young children (aged two to five) should not be allowed. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, the TV set is a common appliance in a house, and there are many families possessing more than one TV sets. By the time people enjoy all kinds of program, coming along with them are a diversity of advertisements. Are those commercials targeting at young children good for them? From my perspective, the television advertising ought to be banned on the screen. I would like to put forward some of the most important reasons to illustrate my standpoint. First of all, the preschoolers are not mature enough to tell if what they see is concert with the truth. The toy companies invariably try their best to make their products look far much better in the commercial so as to gain a profit from those toys. However, the children, at this stage, easily believe what they see and hear. To some degree, those toys companies are taking advantage of children’s feature, immature, to reach their goal on the market. In addition, as a matter of fact, children are actually utilized to put pressure on their parents by those companies when the companies publicize their products to the young children. For instance, given their parents turn down to buy them an overstated toy, the children will use their weapon, tears and cries, to make their parents step back and surrender. Otherwise, the tension will show up in the family. Last but not least, it is the parents who will ultimately pay for those fancy commercials. Raising children is money consuming. For example, in some countries, the parents have to start saving for children’s future college education as long as their baby comes out on this world. Otherwise, they will have a predictable economic crisis when their children begin further education in college. Moreover, during the children growth, parents have to shop lot of toys for them, from baby rattle to doll house or toy train rail. If the price of those merchandize can drop somewhat, it will do parents a big favor from long run. Be summing up, the television advertisements aiming at the preschoolers should not appear on the screen, since it can be helpful for families’ harmony and finance.
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