Some young adults want independencefrom their parents as soon as possible. Other young adults prefer to live with their families for a longer time. Which of these situations do you think is better?

Living away from the parents could be a great lesson for self-growth both financially. . Everyone will eventually have to develop as an adult, who has expectations to beresponsible for their own actions and can take care of themselves financially and obtain imperative skill sets. For example, you must take care of all the housekeeping tasks and also be in control of money expenses. Realizing how these little tasks which your parents had taken cared of consumes time and effort is a life lesson of how you must be as an adult. Moreover, being away from your parents will change the mentality of dependence for both you and your parents and this change in relationship is necessary to continue the great vibe in family. One individual must be able to choose wise choices on their own in the society and this becomes difficult if parents are overprotective of their children. Problem of letting go of a child and trying not to interfere with their life often happen when a child is living with their parents for longer and get accustomed to parents making their choice. Being “controlled” by parents will affect mental health of a child in a long term, so in order to break that cycle, being physically away from their parents is a good intervention. All in all, for a young adult, starting to live away from their parents is a chance to self-grow. Small things which they realize by being on their foot and mental independence will eventually be a core for their adulthood and they will be proud individuals in the society in the longer run.
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