Government should more money to support the arts than the athletics including state-sponsored olympic teams.

I do not agree with the statement that government should more money to support the arts than the athletics including state-sponsored olympic teams. Personally, I am very enthusiastic about art and enjoy all the great works of art. However, supporting athletics are equally important if not more for the following reasons. To start, great athletics can inspire people to preserve, to work hard and to chase their dreams. In the Winter Olympics this year, Eileen Gu is the medal winner of freeskiing and gained so much popularity worldwide. She introduced this sport to hundreds of millions of people in China. Many girls and even boys grew interests in winter sports and left comments of gratitude and motivation. Therefore, Eileen's story has been a great example of the influence by these great athletics. Additionally, state-sponsored Olympic teams and other bodies provide resources and facilities to talents, especially lower income talents, opportunities to practice these sports. These possibilities present an important part of the equity initiatives to support different races, income class and genders. For example, women athletes are normally less paid and received less attentions. With the support from the government, women athletes can receive good trainings in great stadiums which allow them to compete with their full potentials. Some may argue that the support of the arts can also inspire children and promote equity. I agree but the arts can only influence people in a more subtle way. Unlike athletics, it takes effort for people to learn the basics before they can appreciate the arts. Moreover, everyone might have a different taste of arts which would be biased by their culture, class and gender. This difference could possibly tear them apart instead of bring them together. On the contrary, there are pre-determined rules for any sports game and the results are straightforward and easy to understand. As a result, anyone with almost any background can appreciate the sports in similar ways. With reasons stated above, I believed that governments should spend equal or more money in support of athletics than in support of the arts.
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