Someone focuses on one job throughout life; others like to change from one position to another. Which one do you think is better? Why?

It is debatable which is better to focus on one job throughout life or change from one to another. This is an intriguing question because options concerning this issue can be different depending on people’s perspectives. In my opinion, however, I support that changing from one position to another is better than focusing on one job throughout life for the following reason. First, it is more beneficial to experience from one position to another than to concentrate on one job throughout life because it helps people broaden their perspectives. To be specific, having different kinds of experiences by changing from one work to another helps people to become more open-minded, which eventually allows people to better understand other cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives. Although one who changes from one position to another can look like an impatient person, today’s world requires well-experienced people because modern society is becoming increasingly complex. People can do this better by doing many kinds of work and meeting someone who has different experiences. To illustrate, I found a company related to education and made good accomplishments in a short time. Actually, I have worked for many different companies in the education field and I was very successful because I was able to become open-minded and broaden my view by changing from one work to another. Therefore, this proves that people should experience many things by moving workplace. In conclusion, I firmly believe that having a change from one job to another. All things considered, it is my belief that my argument regarding this topic has been effectively and precisely delivered with the reasons mentioned above. Never should we forget that this issue may have a huge impact on our future.
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