Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for students to study math and science than grammar and literature.

Deciding the academic curricula of students is a relevant topic of debate. Even though it is true that math and science provide essential skills for the development of scientific thinking, I consider that they are not more important than subjects such as literature or grammar. Learning these subjects provide essential comunication skills for the students, and help to prepare them for different areas in the labor market. To start with, I believe that both literature and grammar can help students to improve their comunication skills, an ability that is essential in almost every type of job. Someone who has difficulties communicating will have problems expressing his ideas, which could lead to missunderstandings within his coworkers. This problem could occur even for workers who have a math-intensive job. Consider the case of an engineer who needs to write a report about the construction of a bridge. If his report is poorly written, there exists the risk that his instructions are not fully understood; leading to possible conflicts inside the company. Moreover, it is my belief that focusing excesively on math and science is a mistake because many students will end up working in jobs that do not require this knowledge, but language related ones. Hence, if we do not provide the required preparation for those students, we are facing the risk that those future workers are not gonna be well prepared in the future. This could also impact on the preparation of math related jobs in the long term. Consider the case of a math university professor. Clearly, she must be an expert in math in order to perform her job accordingly. However, if she is not well-prepared in vocabulary or grammar she may find problems to transmit her knowledge to her students. Clearly, this situation would impact negatively in the math education of her students, making the initial proposal of increasing the number of hours advocated to math counter-productive. In conclusion, I believe that grammar and literature education provide relevant skills for the whole population. This will enable them to develop communication skills, and will avoid future problems to exist.
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