Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “Overall, the widespread use of the internet has a mostly positive effect on life in today’s world.”

Nowadays internet is a blessing in the world. It is needed daily in our life for most the tasks. For this, we can communicate all over the world smoothly and without any hassle. In my opinion, I agree with this prompt for two reasons as follows. Firstly, we can find anything on internet that we don’t know. For example, I need a doctor suggestion right now but I am unable to go doctor chamber. In this case, I can contact over internet by video call with a doctor and I can talk frankly with the doctor about my problem, and then the doctor can give me a prescription easily or without any kind of uncertainty. It can save our life from any kind of occurring happened. It can give a beautiful life without any danger or any harassment in society. If this kind of benefit did not exist in the world, we can’t get that type of doctor in my home. In this case,we can get a number of benefits from other sectors. So, it is very important in our daily life. Secondly, we can learn from YouTube or Google at any time at any place all over the world. For instance, I don’t know about biology or engineering background, in this case,I can learn from internet by seeing video on YouTube or reading from Google. It can give me the details about this subjects, also it can save my money and time. If I want to do a live class from any other country, I can do it easily by zoom or WhatsApp, or any other software over the computer or phone. It can give me everything in my home in a short time or within a few seconds. That’s why I can expert in this area easily with the blessing of internet, I can learn deeply about this subject and I can apply in our society. In conclusion, Internet is a really an essential part of our life because we are slowly dependent on it. Today we can’t imagine our daily life without internet.
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