Some people say that the Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others think access too much information creates problems. Which view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Some people believe that the Internet provides too much information, which often produces problems. However, I disagree with the prompt that the Internet creates a ruckus for us. I strongly believe that it, in fact, provides people with a lot of valuable information for the following three reasons. First of all, the Internet helps people who find it hard to keep up with the news due to their busy and stressful lives, often in an amusing way. For example, for working professionals, watching political news every day can be very tedious and cause humdrum, but the Internet with its collection of memes, helps people know about the recent happenings in their country without being prosaic and derivative. On the contrary, in the last century, politics was often slated as "boring" by people; it also kept them unaware and apolitical which was very disadvantageous for them. By giving information to people in a satirical way, the Internet makes our lives easy, and also brings awareness to the masses which is very much the need of the hour. Additionally, the Internet also gives platforms and resources to people, that might be necessary for their line of work. For instance, many farmers rely on the Internet to get meteorological data from their phones, which in turn, helps them evaluate the ways to grow crops in a sustainable manner. On the other hand, when the Internet did not even exist, farmers often struggled without this kind of data, often resulting in crop failure. Thus, by delivering significant information, the Internet helps people in their vocation and helps make their endeavors successful. Finally, the Internet aids many people by making their information more accessible, and most importantly, free. To be specific, many underprivileged students cannot afford to buy the expensive research papers which their coursework demands. They can get such papers easily from websites, which helps them in their studies. In sharp contrast, the countries which censor the information often make it harder for the students, especially the poor ones, to cope with the extravagant needs of the university. Thus, the Internet's one of the most important boons is to make information ubiquitous, indiscriminate,and inexpensive. On a concluding note, I would like to say that in this essay, we explored three major aspects of the Internet through which it provides people with a lot of valuable information. It might be true that sometimes too much information can be problematic. Nevertheless, the amount of good, the Internet brings into our lives, outweighs such limitations, thereby, making it indispensable for all of us.
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