It is better to make friends with intelligent people than with the people who have a good sense of humor.

Friends have a great influence on our lives and personalities, which means they can motivate us to constantly improve or reduce the pressures of our daily lives. Personally, I believe that intelligent friends are superior to humorous people. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. First, when we surround ourselves with smart people, they help us solve our work problems, which means they give us the right solution to manage difficulties. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. I work in a big architecture company with hundreds of employees. Last year, in some parts of the company, including the part where I worked, managers began to reduce their workforce because they wanted to hire stronger employees. I was very worried about losing my job, so decided to consult with one of my friends who is known to be clever. She guided me to improve skills such as learning a second language that the company needs to sell its products. This suggestion helped me to learn a new language to use in international transactions that the company needed, and I was able to keep my job position and even get promoted. Secondly, people who are intelligent can support you in educational issues. They can help you to learn the subject you do not understand it. For instance, when I was in high school, I was bad at mathematics. While a close friend of mine, Nancy, is a genius in her study and always obtained full grades in math. I asked her to practice math with me so that I can get a good score. She was patient to analyze the different procedures step by step to me. At the end of the semester, I made great progress on my scores from 90 to 120. In this way, intelligent people can help improve your academic performance as friends during your studies. In conclusion, I am of the opinion that being in contact with clever friends can make your life better. This is because they advise properly in your work and study positions and cause you to choose and act appropriately.
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