Write about a piece of work (visual art, musical performance, piece of writing, architecture, or design) that has influenced you and describe the impact it has had on your perspective OR write about a piece of your own work and the impact that creating it has had on you. The essay must be 250–500 words.

Most people believe that artists are born with the ability to create something unrealistic and wonderful. This task is quite controversial but in my opinion, everyone chooses their main interest, based on their own preferences. Firstly when I was a child, I always had unconditional love for colorful crayons and I draw every possible scenery that I had in my head. I was born and raised in Armenia and my family has been a huge influence on my vision. Nevertheless, as far as I can remember, I can say that art was the only area of ​​study that interested me, it was kind of inside of me, and as I got older, I found that I had a huge potential in this area. There was no art or design that motivated me to start painting or designing. Furthermore, my biggest motivation and inspiration for creating unique art was my brother who was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. However, being surrounded by people who have a difficult quality of life, I always wanted to make them feel appreciated and drawing with my brother and her classmates really pushed me to make their life at least enjoyable. Design Architecture and drawing is my passion, when I was 16 years old I started my education at the P. Terlemezyan state art college in Yerevan. Studying here was hard because I studied here for free, I managed to get good grades and keep my position until graduation. These four years have made me realize that it was the right choice to choose this major and I need to improve my knowledge in order to give a better life to my family. After graduation, my determination and hard work helped me get a job in one of the most famous interiors and architectural companies in Armenia called Kult home. I worked here as an interior coordinator, so after completing so many projects, I realized that this area requires a lot of knowledge and responsibility, and now continuing my studies abroad can give me the opportunity to fulfill my dream. I learned English all alone because I always had a plan for how I wanted my growth to go. After so many years of study, it's time to take the last step and bring my childhood ideas into reality. It was a hard path to realize that you are unable to change people because unfortunately there is no cure for autism and all of this hard challenges made me realize that despite the fact that living is not easy, willpower is all you need to move on and reach your goals. In conclusion,my brother was the influence on my artistic style he was the one that motivated me to create and build interiors that will help them to live in comfortable houses.
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