Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for governments to spend money to improve internet access than to improve public transportation.

Nowadays, with the mind-blowing pace of developing and spreading technology all over the globe, it has been turned into a necessity for all people to have a reliable network connection. Personally speaking, I believe that improving internet access should be of a higher priority for the authorities compared to public transportation. I think this way for two main reasons, which I will discuss thoroughly in the following essay. To begin with, There are many ways for employees to work in this modern era, which means they don’t have to follow predesignated and inflexible working hours and places compared to the past. One alternative which is becoming progressively popular these days, partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is remote working. People who work remotely, benefit from being able to save more time, energy,and money and spend more quality time with their loved ones, hence they become more satisfied with their profession and personal life. The fuel of remote working, however, is internet availability, so that the co-workers of a company can stay in touch constantly and update each other on an ongoing project. My personal experience perfectly exemplifies this. One of my friends is a junior part-time programmer. He is not an official company employee and instead works as a freelancer. We planned a weekend trip in the countryside with our high school friends a few weeks ago, but he refused to accompany us because our planned destination was an off-grid area with no data access, which meant he wouldn't be able to turn in his project on time. Furthermore, online platforms and courses play a significant role in education today. They are easy and affordable to use and can cover a wide range of subjects. People do not need to physically attend a class at an education center to learn a specific subject, because they can do so more efficiently and less costly at home. To illustrate, when I was in elementary school, I attended an English learning institute. I had to pave a long route to get there and walk all the way back home, exhausted and frustrated. It literally yielded me nothing and I dropped it off after a couple of months. Instead, I started watching movies and series in English and online videos designed for educational purposes. Since then, I haven’t attended any in-person course, even for a single hour. My progress was solely owing to self-study and without a doubt, it couldn't have happened without the internet. To sum up, I firmly believe that these days, network facilities should be given more funding and attention. This is because remote workers and freelancers rely on the internet to perform their duties, and online resources are essential and accessible learning tools for everybody.
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