One of the latest resources found on the internet is the communal online encyclopedia

The article states that there are several issues in the online communal encyclopedia, that makes it less reliable than the traditional one. However, the professor explains that the online version is such a place where much information can be obtained in a short period, thus making it very handy. Firstly, the reading claims that the online encyclopedia may lack academic credentials thus giving rise to incorrect information. The professor refutes this point by saying that errors can be encountered in any format- be it online or printed version. The errors can easily be corrected in the online version whereas, in the printed version, the errors remain as it is for decades. Secondly, the article states that in the online communal encyclopedia, information can be fabricated, deleted or corrupted by dishonest people. However, the professor says that to protect the contents from such hackers the encyclopedia is published in a read-only format which can not be changed easily. Moreover, experts in this field are hired to monitor such changes or deformation in the contents. Finally, the reading claims that an online encyclopedia gives equal importance to a historical and a popular topic, thus making it difficult to realize the actual importance of any topic. The professor opposes this point by explaining that in a traditional encyclopedia there is limited space thus accommodating topics related to academic topics only. But, due to the availability of a greater amount of space, a large variety of articles on the interest of people all over the world can be accommodated in the online encyclopedia. This diversity is one of the greatest advantages of the online communal encyclopedia.
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