Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Leadership comes naturally: one cannot learn to be a leader. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Many people find it challenging to take initiative. Is it a natural capability? Can only high-intelligent people run their guidance? In my opinion, everyone could execute this important skill by sophisticating themselves. In the beginning, learning is essential in suitably accomplishing leadership. Studying many theories and practical information could lead us to use our competence correctly. For example, my sister could use leadership after learning many Business theories in MBA courses. Before taking the lessons, she could not give her colleagues practical advice, help them finish their assignments efficiently, and fulfill their job achievements. However, learning psychology and organization management enabled her to harmonize with her colleagues. This camaraderie allowed her to help them overcome their problems and achieve a company's goal. Indeed, learning could be indispensable in taking leadership. Furthermore, high motivation could be necessary to take initiative. Even though we have enough information to lead people, we cannot accomplish it without a solid will to apply their knowledge to their actions. For instance, my former boss failed to guide his subordinates because of a lack of motivation. Although he knew how to make clear strategies and support low-skill staff to accomplish these plans, he refused to help them execute their best performance because he considered this help meaningless. Then, his inability to organize his team caused them to disbelieve in him, unfollow his orders, and disband his team. Indeed, high eagerness could be needed to take proper leadership. Moreover, leadership should not be an inherent competence because experiences could improve its quality. We are more likely to brush up on it through trial and error. In my case, becoming a leader in small projects in my company allowed me to ameliorate my leadership skill. At first, my teammates evaluated me as a mediocre leader because I could not give a clear job scheme. However, while progressing on many projects, I have always tried to improve my leadership capabilities, such as taking responsibility for advising my teammates to resolve their problems and do their best for their goals. Finally, this effort let them admire me as a good leader. This personal episode shows that experience is the very thing to help us accomplish leadership. In conclusion, leadership could not be a natural skill but a nurtured one. Training ourselves could be the best way to execute it. If you are considering how to improve this essential strength, I recommend you learn leadership theories and apply them to your job with high motivation.
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