Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Sometimes it is better to be dishonest with people than to always tell them the truth. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Honesty is the best policy. Nowadays telling accuracy is very important because of continuing any type of relationship. Honesty is the best character for humans. In my opinion, I disagree with this prompt for the following two reasons. Firstly, honesty can increase human’s honorability. If a dude stays honest then every human gives him the best respect because he always tells the fact. Humans can rely on him. If he carrying a business then he can sell the number of his products because he can gain human belief. When he can gain human belief then other people to him and by his products more and more. Then he can widely increase his business and he can earn huge amounts of money. One day he became a reach person in the world. He can’t cheat any other persons who are involved oh his business. So honesty is really the best policy for every section of daily life. It can give a fellow pleasure so that he can live easily in society. Secondly, honesty can save a life from harm. When a guy telling wrong or cheats on people then he can fall at any time in danger. We can see a cowboy always telling wrong and cheating with people, but one the ay he really falls the danger and he lost his life. He always wrongly shouts coming tiger and people believe and came to save him but the child telling them wrong. Then the people come back. One day really the tiger comes and the child shouting but the people seem the guy is telling wrong and the people ignore the sound and finally the tiger kills the child. If he stays honest and always tells the efficiency then he can not fall this type of danger. So telling certainty is very very important in daily life. It can save a life from any kind of dangerous situation. Telling certainty can gift a life from danger. In conclusion, telling certainty and candor is the best human behavior. It loves every human and it can be guy the best pleasure. It can increase a guy’s respect. So we have to practice telling veracity. Honesty is the best gift from God. Every people not honest but it is really needed in our society. It can create an unbelievable society in the world.
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