Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Taking a lot of time to make an important decision is often viewed as a bad quality for a person to have,but,in fact,it is a good quality for a person to have. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Should we really take our time deciding what choices to make? is it a positive trait to have? Although many people might have a different opinion about this topic. I personally believe that we shouldn't take too long to figure what should we do or what we shouldn't. I will explain further by bringing three reasons and examples as details to support my idea. First of all, prolonging our decision-making will instigate hesitation in our system. We will be so picky about every option that we eventually develop irritating paranoid characteristics. For instance, if you are planning to write an essay but you are taking too long to prepare your outline of what you are going to write, you will get overwhelmed. In addition, the task becomes so tedious that you will hate every second doing it. Second reason why I think this is a bad idea is because you will be prime to develop perfectionism symptoms. This will hinder you in every possible way you can imagine. Life is all about choices we make and if we make them in an unrealisticly "perfect" way, we will never fulfil them. For example, we all have tried to make a to-do list at least once in our lifetime. Putting so much time and effort trying to make the "perfect" to-do list with a lot of tasks. Most of them are wrote on a piece of paper, got sticked to a wall, and never been looked over again until we want to clean our room or desk. We put so much time to write "perfect" tasks that are not possible to be done within a day or a week and as a result, we will never do them. instead, we can start with every assignments coming up to our mind, and then we do them one by one and then proceed with the flow. Finally, there are many critical moments that we need to make quick decisions and show reflex. Having a habit of "waiting for the right moment "or trying to analyse every detail before we understand what to do, is harmful for us and will reduce our reflex time. A good example of this could be car accidents. If you ask experienced drivers, there are sometimes very short moments before accidents happen that a driver can avoid the danger or alleviate its damages. Another example could be while taking tests. Many exams are often time-limited and we should be able to think fast. In conclusion, I don't think that making an important decision needs a lot of time. Otherwise it will sometimes have consequences that we cannot compensate. Life is short and we should make the best use of it. Not waiting around, assessing every detail.
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