Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students should not be required to attend classes. Final projects and exams should be only requirement in university and college.

The best method for students to learn better is a struggling discussion between researchers. Some posses the conviction that students only should force to take the exam or write a final paper. I afraid I have to disagree with this idea because distructive effect that has on the education. First of all, learning is a long-term phenomenon which needs lots of efforts and time. Therefore could not evaluate only at the end of semester. The instructor should analysis students in the whole term. A research in Brazil and Peru suggest that student might get a good marks without learning correctly. Most of the students in this reseach have access to the perivous semster exams which helped them answer the questions. So the best way to prevent this problems is that evaluating students for a long term with lots of assignments. Secondly, studing only at the end of semster is a huge mistake for students. They need a lot of time to digest information ,which they learn in the class. They need assingments to deeply understand what the teacher talked about. For example two years ago, my friend, Alice, and I enrolled chemistry in the universty, She believed that working is a better chiose rather that studing. As a result, She did not attend classes and just took the final exam. We now working on a chemistry projects for our thesis. unfourtunatly, She has no idea what we are doing. Therfore, she cannot graduated until learn what she needs. It is axomatic that learing in just two or three day can not help you a job in the field that you graduated. In conclusion, students should be required to attend classes because evaluation only at the the of semster is not accurate, and learning informations need a huge time to be realized so studing only in two or three days is not enough.
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