Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Students should not be required to attend classes. Final exams or paper should be only requirement in university and college.

Recently, there has been ton of debates about whether the students should participate in classes. I strongly disagree with the statement. I believe that attending classes is surprisingly important. The more students participate in classes, the more they flourish in exams and assignments. I feel this way for several reasons that I explain two ot them in subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, my firm belief is if the college's requirements limited only to final projects, students would not study during the term. I strongly think that by attending classes students would be more active, and they forced to learn lessons in the class. According to a research, scientists study two groups of people during two semesters. One group's university did not required to attend classes, and the other people's university forced them to participate in the classes. Researchers analysis their final grades and surprisingly they see that the results note that the second group have better grades. So it is obvious that classes are crucial for learning new things. Furthermore, In my opinion, by going to the university everyday for classes and spending time in classes with other classmates, students can improve their social skills. Although it is hard for shy people to ask questions from teachers or other ones, by being in the class they forced to more socialize. I surely state that attending classes is highly important for student's future. They all need to find jobs and work in the harmful society. So they have to be skilled in socializing and contracting with public. Based on my own experience, during pandemic our classes were offline and mostly we did not attend any classes in the university. I am a really shy and introvert person and during that two years my social skills got too worst than before. As a result, now I have really hard time to being participate in classes and making new friends, even asking my problems from professors. So I believe this is really important requirement and also considerable chance for students to have classes. In the light of above reasons, I disagree with the final exams or papers being only requirement for universities because students learn better in classes, and they need to learn how to socialize. I hope that at least during the pandemic we had online classes so I might not have struggling times in society now.
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