Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? : In modern times, parents learn more from their children than children learn from their parents.

In modern times, there are various tools with which many people can learn in the world regardless of age. Some people say parents learn more from their children than learn from their parents. I agree with this statement because children have good teachers and are more ambitious in their goals in modern society. First and foremost, children can learn any subjects from great teachers around the world. They can easily access the internet and take some courses about what they want to learn. For instance, I obtained coding skills with online tools when I was a high school student. In my home country, Japan, it has not been familiar with students that students learn coding skills at school, which leads Japanese people to have poor PC skills. I thought this problem would limit my future possibilities, and I started learning a coding language alone with free online courses. The teachers in these teachers have enough experience as engineers and told their students a lot of practical tips more lucidly. Therefore, I could acquire basic coding skills and PC knowledge in a short time, and my parents get to rely on me when they have problems with electrical devices. I often imitate the teachers that I have learned from and teach them the way to use some applications so that they can understand easily. They told me it is really helpful to use electrical devices without stress, and I feel like being a teacher to my parents. Second, children have more ambitious than their parents in the global society. Their energetic behaviors inspire their parents a lot. For example, when I was a freshman, I started learning French through university classes to broaden my view of the future. My mother also have taken French courses when she was a university student but she completely forgot almost all of its knowledge including basic grammar. I knew she wanted to learn French again and visit France, so I suggested she study French for six months and take a French exam together to keep motivation. Fortunately, she accepted my suggestion at first and enjoyed learning Fench by practicing small talk in French with each other. This could lead her and me to pass the exam, and she appreciated me inflaming her small incentive. Parents need some triggers to work on new goals other than fostering children while they tend to have little encouragement to work on them as they get older. In conclusion, I agree that parents learn more from their children than their children learn from their parents in modern society. This is because children can share what they have learned from superb teachers with their parents and kindle motivation in their parents with their energetic actions. Children are getting to be tough enough to support their children day by day in modern times.
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