Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important to keep your old friends than it is to make new friends. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In my perspective, I think both of them is necessary and I would try to keep a old friends during the life. On the other hand, I get a new friends or best friends for instance a friends have been several option. The first option is honestly and a second option is kindly it's difficult for me to find new friends. Besides, I believe that old friends come up with you all time so this is a pure friends in their life. At present, you can not know a new friends right now, but after couple of time you can use and relationship with new friends. Maybe put on plessure in my shoulder's to find a new friends or keep old friends. All in all, best friends scarce in the world always. Speaking honestly, they oath to helping with me because always responsible to their friends. I remember that find close friend in university when I was a student's till right now. He is perfect man to decision all the time and great behavior with me and other person, sometimes best friend's or close friend's nearest to me instead of my parent's as well as comfortable with friends, you know, we should keep old friend's and new friend's with good relationship as well as didn’t forget my parent's especially mom and dad.
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