Because modern life is very complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize.

It is critical to keep your life organized in the modern world because of the sheer number of different disturbances like Instagram, Facebook, and others. Hence, I totally agree with the statement and I will explore two reasons to prove my opinion. First of all, having a plan is a perfect motivation to complete the started work. In other words, as we write everything down and put the time limits it is easier to follow the goals which should be approached. Even big tech companies use a special task board with a list of problems to solve. This idea is best exemplified by my personal experience. I used to spend all day playing computer games and watching movies instead of writing a diploma project. The plan I wrote helped me to visualize the milestones of my diploma and made it possible for me to finally start doing something. As a result, I finished my aim in a month. If I had not made the list of the tasks, I would not have been able to complete the project until the deadline. Secondly, the skill to organize ourselves increases our productivity. That is to say, separating important goals and unnecessary things soars the level of the final result. Young people often spend time watching Youtube or Twitch instead doing their homework. Thus, as sooner they improve their self-organized skills, they can actually materialize dreams and ideas in real work. For instance, plenty of students have brilliant minds and the main problem for them is to focus on the goal. The ability to organize their time can extremely up their results. To summarize, it is crucial to have the ability to keep things organized and to write a to-do list. That is because it helps to be motivated in everyday work. In addition, this significantly raises the efficiency and the quality of the final result.
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