In twenty years there will be fewer number of cars than there are today . Do you agree or disagree with the statement ?

In the 21st century, car use has reached its peak as almost everyone owns one or more cars and the number of female drivers has increased dramatically. I completely agree with the statement that there will be fewer number of cara after some time . I think this way for two reasons, the more use of air flights and more use of scoouters. Firstly, in my opinion people are using air flights and scooters more than the earlier time and their interest using it is also increasing day by day. Nowdays , we can see many people in the city who use the scooters and bycycles which arev more comfortable and more healthy than the use of cars and in contrast to cars doesn't pollute the air. Secondaly , the use of cars becomes the cause of fuel consuption and to prevent this , the number of cars in country should be reduced. As a result , despite cars have a very important role in our life , their use will decrease because , people are starting to use more moderne and healthy vehicles . I hope that in the next twenty years , there will be fewer number of cars hitting the road.
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