Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Because people are busy doing so many different things, they do very few things well. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Many people are struggling to finish several tasks. Do you find it easy to complete your endless duties? Is the quality of your output remarkable? Many workers are considering the best way to deal with their assignments. In my opinion, focusing on a few is essential in enhancing work performance. In the beginning, multitasking could be impossible to accomplish. Many tasks could deteriorate our productivity. In my case, my current job requires several tasks simultaneously. Under such circumstances, they could easily disrupt my concentration, resulting in postponing deadlines, forgetting to submit essential documents, and causing inconvenience to my customers. Focusing on each task at a time could solve these problems and allow me to make more deals with my clients. Moreover, commitment to only one task could be more time-efficiency. Single-tasking would enable us to prevent committing mistakes because we are more likely to complete it intensively. For example, my sister, who is in the accounting department, always tries to finish her job instantly by dealing with only a single task, such as making a payment slip. She can avoid making erroneous documents and remaking them by paying attention to each calculation and checking it correctly. Indeed, this method allows her to raise her job efficiency. Furthermore, focusing on a few tasks could improve our job quality. We could spend as much time as possible completing a task. For instance, committing to an assignment could raise my performance quality. Now, I always get into trouble finishing several assignments simultaneously because I usually do not have research time. I could give them more suitable solutions if I had enough time to consult books to analyze my clients' problems. Thus, we should avoid multitasking to ameliorate our job quality. In conclusion, committing to a few tasks could allow us to enhance our job performance. Concentrating on them could improve our productivity, efficiency, and quality. If you have trouble with how to proceed with your job, I recommend that you deal with only a few tasks.
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