Workers are more satisfied when they have many different types of tasks to do during the workday than when they do similar tasks all day long. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Workers in the company are the main source of the power which will lead to the destination of the success. Many people are trying to make the work of their employees much enjoyable, which will result the raise in their productivity. Many workers do prefer to do the same kind of tasks everyday. However, I do believe that giving a multiple tasks to workers will be much more beneficial. I think this way because of the couple of reasons which will be elaborated as follows. Firstly, working on multiple task can enhance an individual's creativity. If a person lives by the same routine and does the same task on a work place every day, it will lock a person's thinking in a box without windows. In contrast, if a worker accomplishes different tasks in a day, it can shape a much more productive individual. Furthermore, it is not only beneficial for the worker, but also for the company, as it can gain the maximum from its workers. For instance, as me and my friend have not been able to handle the all work of our company, we hired a bunch of new people. The most of them were people who lived on a daily basis and earned their minimum salary, as a sequence they have not done a multiple task work in their life. As we gave them many tasks, for first it was to hard for them to orientate. but after a small amount of time they have not only become a good workers who came up with new ideas, but they also differed with their work style as well. Secondly, accomplishing many different tasks can enhance experience in life and in work. Simply, if a person works on many different tasks can gain much more experience compared to the person who does the same thing every day. Moreover, a better experienced individual would have much more demand as a better worker and would receive a higher salary. There is no better example than my job experience in my early twenties. I worked in a small company of my friend, where I used to sell different products to others with a phone call. But my friend, also gave me other tasks such as negotiating with investors or making an advertisement for the company. The multiple tasks in my work have not only made me experienced in my work but also in the other aspects of providing the company. In conclusion, I would say that every person is different, which means every single one needs a personal attitude. But in a bigger sense I do believe that giving many different tasks to workers is much advantageous compared to a single task for every day. I do believe this way because it will not only enrich their creative thinking, but also will give them an incomparably beneficial experience.
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