Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship.

Being a truthful person can be rewarding in many ways and can save you from any chaos. I totally agree with this prompt, as being honest can make you a good person. I feel this way for two reasons which I will be exampling in this essay. First and foremost, One attains the right appreciation for honesty irrespective of the situation. Being an honest person gives us a good name within the society we live in. Nearly anyone can change a bad incident into a positive one with just a pity face. for instance, I had a friend who was in a relationship with a girl from his high school. One fine morning, he got in touch with his childhood friend and they went out for a date. He was missing in action for a whole day and came back the next morning. His furious girlfriend needed a proper explanation. He then right away told everything to her without a shadow of a doubt, this made her anger go down, not instantly but eventually. If my friend had not told the truth, he might have been single by now. Secondly, this paves way for other moral values to bloom as well. Saying the truth is always accompanied by many other aspects like humbleness, kindness, and helping tendencies. This can be clearly illustrated by my personal experiences. I had a chance to be the umpire of a cricket match that happened in my colony. We had a situation where two players got into a physical fight, now as an umpire, I had to suffice the problem prevailing. As many people know that I am a man of truth, they treated me nicely even though they were angry. If I had not been a truthful person, I would have been smashed during that match. In conclusion, being truthful can save relationships and it can gain you respect in society as well.
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