Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Women should get the same payment if taking the same task as men. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

It is axiomatic that when a group of workers feels more satisfied with their job, they will be more committed to their responsibilities. In this regard, employers should try to create a basis for employees' peace of mind. On this account, I believe that it is not reasonable to consider individuals' gender as a factor in determining their wages, and employees should be paid based on the job and the amount of time they spend working. I will explain my point of view in the following essay. First, when young women have the prospect of receiving equal pay as men, this provides an incentive to get a college degree and become well-educated people. It is well established that getting a university degree is a prerequisite for employment in the modern era and requires a lot of time and effort. Undoubtedly, students should give up some of their hobbies and prioritize their courses since opportunities do not come out of thin air. Individuals with only a high school diploma are solely employed in very low-paid, low-skilled fields. When both men and women follow the same route to success, ignoring it and paying women less is unfair. Given the government's lack of attention, it is more likely that young women think they will not follow the right path and never make the most of their potential to pursue higher education. The point is that discrimination can be a source of frustration and, as a result, lead to an uneducated society. Second, by receiving lower pay for doing the same task as men, women do not put all their effort and focus into their work. It is quite clear that there are many important positions women can take on. In such a situation, they play a significant role in society, and employers should not pay them less based on their gender. They may take on the burden of living alone and need a lot of income to support themselves, just like men. However, some people believe that because some women are not responsible for household expenses, which is not always true, they should be paid less. In general, discrimination sows the seeds of despair in women's minds and reduces workplace productivity. By giving sex-based wage discrimination between men and women a wide berth, employers will make the most of their workforce. This means that to prevent an imbalance in the workplace, employers must consider proportionality, which leads to greater satisfaction and encourages employees to do their best with great enthusiasm. In conclusion, women should receive equal pay for doing the same work as men. This is because young women, the future workforce, will be more inclined to continue their education, thus creating a well-educated society. Another reason is that all employees work hard to open the way to success and productivity for the individual or the company in general.
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