Imagine that your city government has given permission for a major company to build a large factory near your neighborhood. Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not? Explain your position using specific reasons and examples.

I clearly understand that building a factory in my town may cause some pollution and noise. However, the benefits of this decision will outperform the disadvantages. Factories are a source of capital and jobs. In addition, it even may be the infancy of new education buildings. I will explain all these pros in the next paragraphs. First of all, it’s pointless to argue that occupation is crucial for the success and stability of every city. People are unlikely to prefer to live in a place where they are unable to earn money. For instance, I know numerous young people who moved away from my urban area because of a tiny number of job offers. They were ready to work and had great skills for that. The new factory provides these necessary possibilities for being satisfied with living even at the moment of building the firm and much more after. In addition, these jobs are probably well-payed and have good conditions including issuance and holidays. Secondly, factories are a source of high taxes for the government. In turn, the taxes supply social and health issues not even in my hometown, but also in the whole country. If the municipality gives more capital to the budget, the government becomes motivated to invest in new enterprises. This series may lead to a new megacity as it has happened with many industrial ones. Lastly, the new manufacturing complex is a place for having practical experience which gives rise to newly qualified cadres. Conceivably, these well-prepared specialists will probably create an education building for future needs. Step by step, the town will transfer into the industrial capital of the region. For example, there are many cities with one million and more population in Russia, which have been transferred in that way thanks to corporations and factories. In sum, building a factory is a great way for developing and upgrading almost any area. I realize all the negative effects but it is considered that new jobs, money, and experience are essential for both the government and the people.
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