It can’t be argued that TV shows and movies are an important part of our lives and somehow or other influence on each of us. Believing in the positive effect of this impact, I will provide three reasons.

First, it is well-known that education is a key of success and development. How can we get smarter in minimal period of time? There is a huge number of methods and TV programs are one of them. Moreover, it is usually essence of what we want to know. In addition, arts created by channels are likely beautiful and really easy-to-watch. For example, the Discovery provides marvelous pictures and serials about how flora and fauna exists. Second, relaxing is the major part of life. It’s impossible to work all time and think over and over about business stuff. And there come films. Of course, different people prefer various ways of leisure, but the most of them would want to get it unchallenging. After a long workday nothing is better that enjoying a great movie and moving ourselves in fantastic worlds using either the Internet or TV channels. Lastly, TV shows satisfies people imagination. Many men and women like dreaming but sometimes it is so hard to make their dreams come true. Thus, why do not apply for these expiring reasons TV? Furthermore, it may cause to finally decade to change life and touch something refreshing. For instance, I had watched the unmatched movie called Mr. Nobody with unbelievable views and decided to try travelling. Nowaday, visiting new countries is the most wonderful part of my vacation. All in all, progress does not stay in one place and shows are the integral part of this. Never would that education, relaxing and improving of imagination have been encapsulated in the particularly object, if TV shows and movies were not invented. Let us feel free to savor these and use for aiming perfectness.
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