Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for students to study math and science than grammar and literature. Use examples and reasons to support your position.

A school teaches a number of subjects to the students. There are math, science, English, social studies etc. All these subjects are taught to prepare the students for the real world. However, one or two subject always outweigh the others in terms of its application in the real world. In my opinion, math and science are the two most important subjects that students need to study instead of grammar and literature. My first reason for claiming this is because math and science are the two subjects that will always be applicable in our basic daily needs like shelter, food and clothing. For example, an engineer designs a house and builds it using his learnings that he had learned in his university. And before entering a university, he must have studied basic math in his high school. Without studying math and science, a student will not be able to survive in a real world. Another reason for claiming that students should study math and science is to bring more innovations, logics ad technology like how Einstein, Galileo and so many renowned people did. Technologies like electronic devices, electricity, vehicles, aero planes and so many are the products that is related to math and science. In conclusion, if it wasn’t for math and science, life of humans on this planet earth wouldn’t have been easier. Therefore, it is important for students to study math and science to learn more about the place we live in, the clothes we wear, the air we breathe and for the well-being of all the sentient beings.
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