Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents should limit the amount of time that children are allowed to use electronic devices, like phones, tablets, and computers. Use examples and reasons to support your position.

In the past, even in the most developed countries, people would communicate only through landlines or mails. The world is rapidly moving forward in terms of technology. With the introduction of so many electronic devices like phones, computers and tablets, not only the adults but also the children have access to such devices and information inside those devices. And I believe, parents should control the amount of time their children spends on those devices for their children’s safety and good health. My first reason for claiming this is because getting exposed to the information inside those devices are unsafe and unhealthy for the children. For example, there are so many websites that makes adult stuff easily available and children could accidentally come across those stuff or out of curiosity may search for it online. With such kind of stuff uncensored online, it is not only harmful for children’s growth but also unhealthy. Another reason for limiting children’s access to electronic devices is because children can easily become a victim to cyber bully online and can be affected mentally. There are so many social media like facebook, tiktok and instagram that makes children believe that they need to appeal the audience online. For example, tiktok is very famouse for creating short videos and if a child is interested in dancing and always uploads his/her dancing videos on tiktok, they will always be exposed to positive and negative comments online which has nothing to do with them in real world. Through this exposure, children can be mentally affected. Lastly, children should be limited from spending their time on electronic devices so that can learn to socialize with people in the real word. Children when using those devices are mostly focused and stays in one place. This way, children do not know what is happening around them or who is near them. Therefore, I strongly believe children’s exposure time to those devices should be managed by their parents to prevent the children from unwanted stuffs online, to help them stay physically and mentally healthy and to interact with the real world people.
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