Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Because people are busy doing so many different things, they do very few things well. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Perfection can be achieved through lots of hard work, dedication, and motivation. People who want to be perfect should master these factors. Some believe that people in this contemporary world keep themselves busy by doing a variety of things, but they are not well skilled in doing these things. In my opinion, I completely agree with the given statement. This monograph will explain my reasons to support this idea along with credible examples. To commence, gathering knowledge of different things sometimes meshed-up in our minds. To explain this further, when people want to perform various tasks at once; the procedure of doing one task may be mixed-up with another. This is the major reason for the faulty result because of that perfection is never achieved. However, using specific knowledge provides a better understanding of doing that task. I want to include my example to illustrate this, during childhood I played several games, as a result, I am not able to master any of them. Moreover, I always forgot the rules and measures that we have to follow for playing games. Therefore, multitasking makes people more confused which may probably lead to poor focus and understanding. In addition, our brains are trained to do single things at a time. People doing mutitasking may have poor focus, concentration, and dedication for doing the task. To be more specific, doing several things at a time may cause brain fatigue because of that precision on tasks is rare. The Brain needs rest for proper function, however, the ired brain may not process the information well. For example: If an owner of a company has to deal with all the managerial, financial, and marking functions by himself, it is sure that the company will not last for a longer period. Obviously, perfection can be achieved if we have a healthy brain to function well, which can only be attained if it has proper rest. That's why we should perform a single assignment at a time, rather than doing faulty assignments. In conclusion, doing many different things at once meshed up our knowledge, and may not allow enough time for proper brain functioning because of that perfection cannot be achieved. Thus, performing a single task correctly will be the best option.
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