Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students are more influenced by their teachers than by their friends.

As a student myself I must say that this question is quite tricky, taking into account the fact that throughout my student life I’ve been influenced by both sides. But after observing other students and their behaviour, I disagree with the statement that teachers have more influence than the students’ friends friends, and below I will present my arguments. Throughout the day students are surrounded by their friends more than their teachers. To most people a teacher is someone who’s there to help you improve academically, while friends are people that you spend time with, ask for advice etc. A big percentage of student-teacher relationships are very basic and only include interactions about school, exams and overall anything regarding the students education. There is no deeper connection which explains why they have little influence on the student. Whatever you are surrounded by the most is what influences you the most. Another reason is that in todays society many kids will try to act different to be liked by their friends and classmates. They will try to fit in a friend group rather than be an outcast. This is another example that students care more about how they are perceived by their friends rather than their teacher. In conclusion, teenagers and kids are more influenced by their friends and the easiest explanation is that they prioritise the opinion of their peers.
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