Some people think that scientists should be given the freedom to test and experiment however they please. Others believe they should be limited in their experiments. What do you believe? Give reasons and examples to support your stance.

In the modern world scientific discoveries are made on a daily basis. Scientists all over the world do their best to improve the quality of our lives and make them easier. If it were not for scientific experiments, all these discoveries would not be possible. Although scientific achievements cannot be overestimated, I am still convinced that scientists should be limited in their experiments. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. The first reason is that scientific tests and experiments can harm the environment. Poisonous chemicals and elements, which can lead to water, soil and air pollution, are used in the experiments. Contamination might be a serious problem. For example, nuclear weapon testing with radioactive waste destroyed a lot of sites ecologically. Ecological damage affected climate, and bad climate had a destructive influence on people’s health. Therefore, most countries banned all tests of nuclear weapons. Furthermore, some of the tests and experiments are not ethical and can split society. For instance, nowadays COVID-19 vaccines are being tested worldwide. Unfortunately, in some countries ordinary people are made to get vaccinated under the threat of termination, despite the fact that the side effects of the vaccines have not been studied yet. People have to participate in this experiment, because many of them have to pay loans and take care of their families, thus, they are scared of losing their jobs. My friend from Greece, who works as a nurse, had to get vaccinated against her will because she wanted to keep the job and maintain good relationships with her colleagues. To sum up, scientific tests and experiments should be taken under control. If we speak about people, their consent is a must. Otherwise, testing and experimenting can lead to long-lasting consequences such as environmental or social damage.
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