Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students do not respect their teachers as much as they did in the past. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

From Vedic era, teachers have been treated equal to God. Teachers acts as a building block in molding the personality of an individual. I agree with the statement that, with time respect of teachers in student eyes declined to a great extent. In the subsequent essay, I am going to give my two reasons for the same. First of all, parents overwhelming love towards their child is the most important reason for student behavior towards a teacher. Nowadays, parents keep their child in a very protective environment, and they try to fulfil every good or bad desire of their child on any cost. Due to this behavior, student don’t learn to respect other individual. In school also if student don’t perform well and teachers say something to them then they complaint to their parents and parents come to fight with teachers. In past, after getting so much punishment from teachers, they don’t even talk to them loudly. My personal experience is a great example of this. In my school, one of my classmates was not good in maths. He don’t even put efforts to excel in that subject. My maths teacher was so strict and if anybody don’t perform well then, he used to punish that person. One day my classmate had a very bad result and teacher punished him. Next morning, he brought his parents with him to school and they complaint about teacher and which led to teacher suspension. My classmate was telling everyone happily that he taught a lesson to maths teacher. For this reason, I believe students just forget, how they should behave with their teachers. Secondly, internet became a solid reason for such type of behavior. Every material for study is easily available on internet with a detailed description. So, students think that they don’t need teachers anymore for study. They think that teachers have very less knowledge then what they can get from internet. Drawing from my own experience. My niece is studying in first class. She did her pre schooling in online school. She never got a chance till now to get interact with teacher personally and don’t know the importance of teacher. It is certainly clear that with time she will not be able to respect the teacher in same way as we use to do earlier. In conclusion, I believe that with advancement of technology and parents attitude, students respect towards a teacher is reducing day by day. If this goes like that then, one day will come when no student will no the value of a teacher in their life.
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