Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students do not respect their teachers as much as they did in the past. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In my culture teachers are considered comparable to God. In my childhood when I was in school, we use to have so much respect for our teachers. Nowadays students don’t respect teachers as much as we used to do in past. In this essay,I will provide some reasons for this backed by some examples. To begin with, nowadays most of the study resources are available online. In my childhood, to learn something or to acquire some new skills we need teachers, but today you can learn anything from the internet. The need for teachers among students decreased drastically and due to this the respect for teachers among students also decreased. From my personal experiences, during my semester break,I thought I will learn guitar. In past to learn guitar I should need a teacher, but today I need only the internet to learn all the concepts of guitar, I don’t need any teacher and hence I don’t have to respect them. The internet has replaced the teachers in today’s world and hence students don’t need to respect them anymore. Secondly, nowadays teachers are not strict. In the past teachers are used to being strict and students fear them. Today if a student misbehaves in class, teachers usually don’t punish them due to which students don’t fear and respect them. For example, my aunt’s son is in 6th standard, during the final exam he tried to use unfair means to pass the exam, but when he was caught the teachers didn’t punish him. They simply called his parent and told then what their son was doing in the examination hall, his parents also didn’t take any major action apart from scolding him. Since he didn’t get any serious punishment, after doing such a horrible thing he don’t respect his teachers and takes them for granted. In conclusion, in today’s society teachers don’t get respect they used to get in the past. In my opinion the reason behind it is the introduction of the world wide web for study purposes and teachers are not strict nowadays due to some illegal and social reasons.
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