Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Human activity is making the earth a worse place to live. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Some people believe that humans has managed the earth greatly. They cite this because of the large buildings, parks and well-connected roads. I strongly differ from this point of view; I believe that the human activities are degrading this beautiful planet and making it worst to live. In this essay, I will give 2 reasons to justify my stance followed by some personal examples. To begin with, global warming is one of the major problems caused by greedy and unresponsible human activity. In global warming the heat gets trapped in the atmosphere and increases the overall temperature of the earth which results in melting of glaciers. Due to global warming, many islands around the globe are facing the threat of sinking down into the water. Apart from rising water level global warming is also changing the local weather patterns. For example, in my childhood the weather had a certain fixed pattern but nowadays summers are hotter, winters are less cold and in rainy season sometimes we face the drought condition and sometimes flood. Every year during monsoon season we hear a news of floods in some parts of country whereas some parts record less than expected rainfall. Scientist consider global warming one of the major threats to mankind and we have to become more responsible towards our actions to reduce the dark impact of global warming. Secondly, rapid growth in population. Currently earth have more then 7 billon people and each person needs resources to live their life. Earths resources are limited and cannot feed such a huge population. Due to this large population and limited resources the people start abusing the earth and triggered some irreplaceable dangerous aftereffect. From my personal experiences, 20,30 years back the population of earth was not that huge and people are living their life peacefully, but due to sudden urbanisation people started to move towards big cities and started exploiting the earth by using more resources than required. To conclude, in my opinion the human activity has mostly bad impact on earth. The global warming and the rapid population growth making this plant a worse place to live.
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