Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? When teachers assign projects on which students must work together, the students learn much more effectively than when they are asked to work alone on projects. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Groups have unity and strength. It helps to build motivation, guidance, and dedication among people. Some believe that teachers should allow a group project to the students, as it allows them for more effective and efficient learning, rather than giving an individual task to work on alone. In my opinion, I am completely in accord with the given statement. This monograph will explain my reasons to support this idea along with credible examples. To commence, when students work together it helps them to analyze the idea from different perspectives, as a result, all sides of the plan will be properly addressed. To explain this further, this will support students to develop a good conceptual framework for that project because that learning will be quickly retained for a longer duration. However, working alone may not be sufficient. Although they perform enough research regarding the project, it still remains incomplete. I want to include my undergraduate experience to illustrate this when I was assigned a project, I always console my friends to develop a broad understanding of that topic. As a result of that, I was able to obtain good grades in my academics. Therefore, I believe working in a group makes us more smart, active,and passionate learners, which directly affects our studies. In addition, friends are very close to us. We can exchange our ideas more freely and receive feedback from them. This feedback prevents us from making errors and makes learning more effective. To be more specific, we have a common environment of learning too. In groups, seeing others doing hard work encourage us to be dutiful and responsible toward our task. For example, many researchers always seek support and help from their co-workers to solve several issues. This helps them to establish themselves as a renowned scientist. On contrary, individual work can be boring, and a person lacks enthusiasm for doing such work. Eventually, that affects their concentration and focus, which probably result in poor learning. Obviously, groups can act as catalysts in several ways which support better learning. In conclusion, teachers should assign group projects because it helps students to be broad thinkers and enhance their interests in learning through peers' support.
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