Some people prefer having deep knowledge about particular subjects while other prefer to have general knowledge in many subjects? Which one do you prefer and why?

Knowldge is Power". This slogan has special place in my heart. Knowledge enlightens us.It makes people to move in right direction. It seperated human beings from other animals. Also when i was child, My professor used to recite " Masters of one & jack of all trades. Having deep Knowledge in particular subjects makes a man expert in that field. While some may disagree but i do definately believe that having general knowledge about many subjects can be a better man than an expert in one because of the following two reasons. First of all, having general knowledge of various subjects helps to stimulate the intelligence capabilities of an individuals. For the person to get knowledge he must study different articles,books,papers and so on. During the study, these person contemplate the topics into details. As it stimulates the brain, the hormone serotonin released. As the reasult person neurotransmittor activity increases. This is how having different knowledge can stimulate the intelletual capacity of individuals. Secondly, the job market of our country is competitive. A person only gets job when he/she have general idea of the topis. For example, A mayor of the Municipality must have knowledge of every part of the infrastructure in the city. Only then, he can get succeed in his position. Balen shah, a popular mayor of kathmandu, has knowldege of different programs and projects. Only then the city become beautiful. So in order to compete in existing job markets one must have knowledge of many subjects. However, the advocated of the university may states that one cannot concentrate on the subject matter if a person have general knowledge of every subjects. They goes on to say that the person can become pendulum if he deviates with the plans. They cannot do better in future with such mentality. To sum up from the saying i believe being the jack of all trades helps to explore the intellectual capacity and develop myself to better version as i need to prepare for the future and to compete in any job markets. Only them people believe the knowledge is power.
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