Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Would you prefer to take courses taught by professors with whom you have already had other classes during your past years of study, or would you prefer to take courses with professors whose classes you have never taken before? Why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Be sure to use your own words. Do not use memorized examples.

In the modern era, education plays a vital role in the life of people. There has always been a debate on whether to have classes with your old professors or not. I firmly believe that it is better to take courses with your professors whom we have known already. I feel this way for two main reasons. 1) You can communicate with your professor comfortably and ask your questions. 2) It would have positive effects on us mentally and we would feel better in the classes. First and foremost, it is critically important for students to learn their subjects deeply and get a high score at university. Students become familiar with their teachers and get convenient to ask their questions and discuss different problems with them. They can convey their ideas and weaknesses easily and ask for help. Moreover, pupils feel confident to take part in the courses with their last educators. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. Once I got my bachelor’s and started my master’s, I decided to change my university and experience a new environment and methods. Although I was satisfied with the new place and students at my university, I felt awful in classes and I could not concentrate on my major. Furthermore, I had trouble communicating with my professors because they did not know anything about their students and tried to behave the same as all of us. I had a problem understanding their lectures and explanations. For this reason, new professors will not always be helpful for improvement in academics. On the other hand, students feel better mentally when they have to pass courses with familiar professors. They feel peaceful and cool in their classes. Furthermore, it helps them to feel calm and confident when they are familiar with their lecturers. Consequently, it may have beneficial effects on their learning and thrive in the future. For instance, BBC news reported a survey that showed many facts about students' mental and psychological health in the classes. The study revealed that pupils who pass their courses with the same professors are more confident, satisfied, and mentally healthier than whom have classes with several teachers during their education year. That is why some teachers can influence our learning process in classes. In a nutshell, I Strongly claim that participating in classes with the professors whom we had courses with them has many advantages. First, we can express our ideas and problems confidentially. Second, we will be happier and healthier psychologically.
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