Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Scientific discoveries should be shared globally, and the government should not keep them secrets. Use specific details and examples to support your answer.

Technologies have changed daily life dramatically and enabled people to have a convenient life. Some people say scientific discoveries should be shared globally, which means the government should not keep its secrets. I agree with this opinion because scientists can get more motivation to create new inventions and save more people around the world with modern superb technologies. First and foremost, scientists can be inspired by sharing their research regularly. They have some opportunities to show their results and outcomes every year, which promotes the government to support them. For instance, I joined the international conference as a university student researcher last year and has a presentation about my research topic. My research area is nuclear medicine, physics in medicine, and not so popular but really important to develop medical technologies. Therefore, it is pretty imperative for the scientists in the area to attend several conferences and share results. At the conference, I could receive various advice to advance the current results from foreign senior researchers, which motivates me to make my future investigation plan and see the results from other aspects. In addition, I could make use of the advice and overcome some difficulties in my research. Most scientists have encountered problems that cannot be solved easily and outside opinions may be helpful to find some solutions. This cannot happen unless sharing research discoveries and interact with other scientists. Second, a collaboration of some technologies can produce new technologies and save more people around the earth. There are many cases where sharing discoveries have advanced the original outcomes in the medical field. For example, several pandemics of virus infections have happened so far around the world, and many medical scientists struggled with inventing new methods to save more people. As a major practical solution, vaccines have been helpful to thwart the spread of infection among a lot of people. Generally, it takes much time to invent a new vaccine considering the safety and credits. However, as medical technologies have developed dramatically thanks to sharing various technologies, the speed of new inventions gets shorter, and more people can have vaccinated before infection as soon as possible. This is helpful to maintain people's daily life as well as prevent the expansion of diseases. Also, there are still countries where small children cannot live longer because of illnesses. Such a serious problem can be improved by sharing discoveries in such developing countries with more advanced technologies. Sharing various discoveries and data may light a new research area, which leads more scientists to find ways to solve difficult problems. In conclusion, I agree that scientific findings should be shared worldwide. This is because scientists can get motivated to enhance their research through interacting with other foreign scientists, and combination with various technologies can bear new inventions to save more people's lives. Sharing scientific outcomes can expand some possibilities to develop a research level and contribute to offering people safer daily life around the world.
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