Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Nowadays, it is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a large city. Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay.

A good place for growth plays a significant role in molding the behavior of a child. Every different place provides a distant essence of it in any individual. I totally agree with the statement that a child will grow up better in the countryside. In the subsequent essay, I am going to give my two reasons for the same. First of all, the development of a child in the countryside enhances physical and mental health. The countryside provides a very peaceful environment for the growth of a child. As the countryside is a large farm area, so all the vegetation is developed organically. Organic vegetation consumption helps to maintain the physical health of a child. In the countryside, everyone lives like a family, so a child learns to interact with people. On the other hand, in big cities, people don’t even know about their neighbors, so their child grows up in a closed environment that affects their mental health. My personal experience is the best example of this. I myself grew up in a place that was away from the city. My grandparents used to do organic vegetation that we used to consume daily. Due to this, I was away from highly unprocessed and junk food. This helps me to remain physically healthy. I used to play with my neighborhood friend daily, which led to my mental health development. For this reason, I believe that the growth of a child in an open environment plays an essential role in his overall growth. Secondly, the child evolves qualities like patience, hardworking, and selflessness during his growth in the countryside. Being surrounded by nature and animals provides a child an atmosphere where they can evolve different qualities that will be beneficial for their life. Drawing from my own experience. I lived my childhood in a rural area. My parents used to work on farms to grow crops and organic vegetables. I grew up seeing them working in the field, from sowing the seed to harvesting the crop. From sowing seed to harvesting crops is a long process in which a person has to be patient as well as hardworking. Seeing my parents doing these things helped me to gain qualities like hard work and patience. My parents also have some domesticated animals, and being surrounded by them, I got a quality of selflessness. It is certainly clear that the behavior of a child is always affected by the environment around him. In conclusion, I believe that the qualities and the health we get in our adulthood are the image of our growth as a child. It is because our surrounding plays a vital role in the overall development of an individual.
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