Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Overall, the widespread use of the internet has a mostly positive effect on life in today’s world.

Since the rise of the internet our society had changed drastically. Internet had influenced almost every aspect of life mostly in positive ways sometimes in negative ways also. I strongly support the statement that internet had mostly a constructive impact on today’s society. In this essay I will present 2 reasons for my opinion backed by some personal experiences. To begin with, internet had given a boost to education sector in form of remote learning. With the help of internet great quality of education has reached to the remote areas where schools and libraries are not present. From my personal experiences, my hometown is a very underdeveloped and located in a remote area, there were very few schools and getting a good quality of education is very difficult. For the purpose of education people had to leave the village and forced to settle in a nearby small towns which was very difficult because of financial restrictions and some other social issues, but due to advent of internet now people of my hometown can access a good quality education without leaving the village. If internet was not reached to my village people still have to suffer with this problem. Internet had helped to improve the overall literacy rate of the country, which will be helpful for the countries in a long run. Secondly, internet had opened the doors of online deliveries. Now a days with the help of internet we can buy any products without leaving our comfort zone. For example, my mom has asthma and she needs medicines for that on daily basis. Some medicines are not always available in my hometown, to buy these medicines we use online delivery services available on the internet. Few years back when delivery services are not available in our hometown, we have to go to the nearest city which is about 250 km away to buy these medicine. These delivery services also helped in emergency times like they did in covid lockdown. At the time of lockdown, they were delivering necessary items required for day-to-day survival. Due to these deliveries services the overall purchasing behaviour of customer also improves because they provide convenience and good quality product. To conclude, I strongly believe that internet had influenced in a constructive way towards our day-to-day life because it made education very easily available and affordable and introduced emergency services to local small town.
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