Children between the ages of 5 and 18 should not be allowed to listen to sexually explicit songs.

We all have memories, when we gathered with friends and chilled while played music what was liked everyone. Whether need adult intervene in choose music for children? On my opinion old generation do not need to annoy young people by their rules and regulations. First, how much famous old and new music we will ban. This way we will forget about such stars as like 50Cent or 2pac.This is wrong to take away the right to choose. Everyone should choose what listen to. Second, if we something banned it will be a forbidden fruit. Everyone will want to know what on the other side. Young people have not yet fully formed their own personality. I think that only in comparing we can understand what is bad what is good. Therefore, no need to create this fruit. In general, if you sum up everything, you will see more pros and cons. I think all should stay in its place.
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