Do you agree or disagree – Email, text and social media are improving our ability to communicate effectively.

There is no shortage of opinions that communication is the only way to exchange our thoughts in any way. In my opinion, I believe Email, text messages, and social media are improving their ability to communicate effectively. I firmly believe this decision will be more beneficial for several reasons, which I will explore in the following paragraphs. Firstly, Emails and text messages make any communication easier and faster. They quickly pass on your information to another person just a click away. Whether you are sitting in a different city or country you’ll get a message in a few seconds. I have to admit my opinion on this matter has been profoundly influenced by my own experience, I used to work with an IT company where I needed to communicate with outside employees and clients via E-mail for a quick response. As a result, we neither feel any barrier in communication nor lose any opportunities. For this reason, my professional communication skills have been enhanced. Secondly, social media is considered the best convenient way of communication. Facebook, Instagram, We-chat, etc., made communication very smooth. We not only post our photos or any updates. In fact, we can connect with people and close ones through social media via texting, calling, or video calling. Drawing my own experience, My husband and I stayed in two different countries and used to send texts on Facebook to communicate all the time. It’s certainly clear to see how social media is effectively used for communication. In conclusion, I feel that texting, emails, and social media is the best-growing platform for communication. This is because these two reasons eventually lead to making communication faster, easier, and more convenient.
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