While doing research prefer printed books or internet stuff

There is no opinion of shortage that both printed books and internet materials are an ocean of knowledge. In my opinion, I believe printed materials like books and articles are considered to be the best materials for research on any subject. It’s my firm belief that the decision will be more beneficial for several reasons which I will explore in the following paragraphs. To begin with, printed materials are always written by some renowned or knowledgeable person so while doing research people get the right information about the subject. Whereas the internet materials platform majorly allows a person to edit and publish your content options and in that case, the possibility of accurate information is less. I have to admit on this matter has been profoundly influenced by my own experience, during my bachelor’s I got an assignment related to research where I prefer to write content by using internet materials whereas my friend choose articles and well-known books for research. As a result, I got a low score and on the other hand, my friend scored well as my professor says the majority of my content is inaccurate. For this reason, I started reading articles and books for other assignments. Secondly, printed materials have well-organized in-depth detail than the internet. Textbooks are significantly larger than any internet articles, so where researcher gets more information to study in an organized way. Drawing from my own experience, One of my professors assigned me a task where I need to research the topic and write an essay on my research and that’s where I chose textbooks for research and wrote an informative essay on the topic. As a result, he appreciated my work. In conclusion, I feel that people should not only rely on the internet they must have to read books where they get properly indexed content in one place. This is because these two reasons eventually lead to giving more preference to printed materials over the internet.
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